This platform aims to train and connect people who wish to get involved in self-managed volunteer groups.

Who ?

Four European organisations have come together to prepare future group leaders, offer them supervision and share their tools.
Every adults can get involved as a leader or a volunteer part of a self-managed group. Ngo-s and organisation working with volunteers can benefit from it.

Where does it come from?

This initiative was born from the crossroads between the desire of citizens to get involved in causes that are dear to them and the lack of human resources and time of associations to manage volunteer networks. Thus by forming autonomous groups, we wish to offer our knowledge and know-how in group organization to support the solidarity initiatives of our fellow citizens.

Participating organisations

Self management, volunteer group in Hungary

Képes Foundation aims to explore, adapt, evaluate and promote programmes and initiatives that target the development of SEL competences. Social emotional learning (SEL) competences – that can be taught and developed – are shown to increase academic and work achievement and to better adjustment in everyday life.
Furthermore, we develop educational material, carry out trainings and act as advisors in this field.

This platform helps to set up self-managed volunteer groups and offers a platform for promoting their events and meetings.
Besides the descriptions of the latest events, guidelines, activity descriptions and other resources are available that could inspire future volunteer group leaders.

Art mediation in France

Elan Interculturel is an association which has been creating for about ten years innovative tools in intercultural mediation to promote diversity and facilitate the integration of migrant people in their new environment. We promote exchange between cultures, multilingualism and we protest against all forms of social, racial, sexual, gender or physical discrimination.

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Elan Creatif

Elan Créatif is a platform that brings together our knowledge and skills in artistic and intercultural mediation. We invite you to explore the intersections between art and diversity: when art becomes a meeting place for cultures, while celebrating otherness.

You will find mediation tools to bring together curious and passionate people and to lead your own artistic creation groups.

Above all, it’s a platform that you can appropriate and make your own to share knowledge and experiences in artistic mediation! 

Theater Community in Spain

The mission of La Xixa is to facilitate the creation of spaces for empowerment through Participatory Methodologies, Process Oriented Psychology and Theatre of the Oppressed to generate processes of individual and collective transformation in contexts of social vulnerability.

These methodologies ensure that all agents become crucial actors in their own development, by helping individuals and groups to create awareness on how they perceive and live their experiences, and gives them tools to learn to change their approach. Those tools consist of a set of games and theatrical exercises that promote observation, critical action and pro-positive behaviours among participants. “What we do on stage is not reality, but it is a rehearsal of how to transform it.

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This platform aims to facilitate and promote citizenship to be activated and organized in diverse, formal and informal ways, using artistic mediation, as a means for social transformation. La Xixa brings her knowledge of 10 years of community building using theater, body and performativity.

The project of La Xixa Let’s Commune “Self-managed Creative Communities” aims to assume the challenge of building a community and to tackle the challenge of establishing innovative tools that contribute to:

  • Make people who are far from different organizations, existing projects and the devices of community life can approach and strengthen themselves collectively with art.
  • That people who participate in the daily life of the neighborhoods from informal spaces can have links with more organized participation spaces.
  • To generate meaningful experiences and learning that will arouse interest in political and artistic participation between citizens and participation in community life, as well as arouse interest in topics that are often left behind or forgotten.

Storytelling group in Netherlands

Amsterdam based Storytelling Centre (STC) acts out of the conviction that everyone’s story is important and that it is vital for a balanced society that there is room for everyone’s story. STC is committed to providing that space, nationally and globally, and to training people in exploring and telling their stories for the benefit of their personal growth, resilience and social involvement and for better coexistence in today’s society.

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During the lifespan of the project, the partners worked collectively to develop the following resources:


“the critical incident methodology”


This video introduces you to the critical incident methodology, very interesting and useful for managing culture clashes in your group facilitation:

How to make differences a source of richness?

“Identity Thermometer”: This activity, created with CBT tools, will allow you to discover, analyze, compare and put into perspective the values and representations that guide your project. Even when we think we recognize our goals, our obstacles, our preferences, these are not always expressed and many others only become evident when confronted with the representations of others on the same issues.

“My TV channels”: This activity aims to learn about the functioning of the “reticular activation system (RAS)” and discover how our negative thoughts and fears condition our reality. This discovery can help us direct our selective attention to ¨more positive channels¨ related to our project, modify emotion and promote our well-being.

“My Stressed Body”: This activity aims to detect the signs (physical, emotional and behavioral) of stress, in order to learn to know and understand how we function in difficult situations. Based on this self-observation, each person can develop personal methods to manage stress and use their resources to successfully resolve situations.

“My brain in my hand” Activity to understand how to better manage stress from a neuroscience perspective

Workshops of the European Project COBU – Paris 2021 – Presentation and feedback from the trainer

Workshops of the European Project COBU – Paris 2021 – Presentation and feedback from participants

Our partner in Spain has made a long overview video about the project (Video in Spanish, automatic subititles in english available by youtube)

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